VK hack

VK has a new way to hack the page

The methods of cybercriminals are constantly being improved.  It is always based on one principle – skillful social engineering – but the forms are constantly changing.

The attack begins with a message with the following content: “An archive for all your correspondence will be created in 24 hours and sent to XXX mail.”  Moreover, the message does not indicate the user’s mailing address.  To cancel the alleged archiving of dialogs, the attackers recommend logging into your account and changing the password by clicking on a specific link.

Only this link, which leads each time to different sites with “vk” in the domain address, is phishing!  Although in form it is very similar to the real one: the design of a phishing resource is as similar as possible to a social network site.  If the user enters a password, the fraudsters gain access to the page.