SilentXMRMiner v1.4.4 – draining the fresh version of the miner (03.09.21)

Description of software

.NET – written in C #, requires .NET Framework 4.5.

XMRIG 6.12

Miracles 11.0

Can mine the following cryptocurrencies:

Monero,2ACoin,ArQmA,Haven, Blockcloud,Conceal,Dero Electronero, ElectroneroXP, Graft, Kevacoin, Kryptokrona, Masari, NinjaCoin, Ravencoin, Safex, Sumokoin, Talleo, Turtlecoin, Uplexa, Wownero.

Support for the following algorithms:

cn/zls, cn/double, cn/2, cn/xao, cn/rto, cn-heavy/tube, cn-heavy/0, cn/1, cn-lite/1,

cn-lite/0, cn/0, rx/0, argon2/chukwa, rx/arq, cn-heavy/xhv, cn/ccx, astrobwt, cn/fast,

cn / rwz, rx / keva, cn-pico, cn / half, argon2 / ninja, kawpow, rx / sfx, cn / r, cn-pico / tlo, argon2 / chukwav2, cn / upx2, rx / wow.


Anti debug, Anti Run, Anti VM

The ability to easily encrypt or obfuscate the miner before creating a build

Injection (Silent / Hidden) – injection of the miner into another process: explorer.exe, conhost.exe, svchost.exe or any other.

Can mine on both CPU and GPU (Nvidia and AMD)

Idle Mining – can be configured for mining in various modes of use, or not used at all while the computer is in use or not in use.

Stealth – suspends the miner and clears the GPU memory while any of the programs in the “Hidden Targets” option are open.

Watchdog runs as a separate process and will constantly check if the miner is running and placed correctly in the Save Path folder. If the miner is not running, but the file is there, it will simply run it. If the miner is running and the file is not there, it will copy the file and launch the miner (but will not embed if it has already been entered). And finally, if both miners are not working and the file is gone, it will copy the file there and start the miner.

Remote configuration – can receive miner settings remotely from a URL every 100 minutes.

Windows Defender Bypass – Adds exceptions to Windows Defender for shared folders that the miner uses.

2 Online downloaders – can download the miner binary at runtime to greatly reduce file size and detections, if the downloader fails to download files from the main address, it will try to download files from the backup address

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