Raman Pratasevich

Aircraft conversation

MIG to Ryan Air

The Belarus authorities landed a Ryan air plane, which was flying from Athens to Vilnius,in order to arrest the owner of telegram channel NEXTA Roman Protasevich (aka CIA shill). A mig-29 was made airborne by the orders of commander in chief Lukashenko to escort the plane to minsk.

According to the passenger who was sitting next to Protasevich, after a sudden maneuver of the plane towards Minsk, the blogger panicked and grabbed his head. “Only when the guy found out that we were going to land did he get upset,” an eyewitness said. After landing, they were taken out of the plane, the blogger was taken to the side, and his things were carried to the runway.

“We asked him what was going on. He said who he was and added: “The death penalty awaits me here.” He was already calmer, but shivering. An officer was standing next to him all the time, and soon the military simply took him out, ”the passenger told reporters.

A criminal case was opened against him for organizing mass riots and he can face death penalty.

The State Duma called the arrest of Protasevich a brilliant special operation

State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov called the arrest of Roman Protasevich by the Belarusian authorities “a brilliant operation” by the country’s special services.

Undoubtedly, the KGB of Belarus carried out a brilliant special operation from an operational point of view. And they tracked down the “object”, and they escorted it, and played out a possible terrorist attack, and actually forced the plane to land, and, finally, “took” it into good hands. The cherry on top of the cake can be a harsh court verdict and pardon of the Father.