Rise of Turkey- the Persian Gulf

Following the establishment of two Turkish military bases in Qatar and the opening of a military base in the Somali capital Mogadishu, some reports suggest that Oman and Turkey have agreed to establish a military base in Oman’s Al-Barimi province, near the UAE border. Dissatisfied with Iran’s presence in Syria and the Mediterranean, Turkey is now trying to revive its Ottoman presence in the Persian Gulf. Oman is one of Turkey’s targets. In the economic sector, Turkish investment in Oman amounts to $ 8 billion. In the military sector, Oman is the third largest importer of weapons from Turkey, and the value of arms exports from Turkey to Oman is more than $ 150 million.

In this regard, an interventionist meeting called the Congress for the Defense of Security and the Persian Gulf has been organized in Turkey, whose slogan is “Unity in Diversity and Security” in the Persian Gulf. This meeting, which is without the presence of Iran and Iraq, and the fake name was also used with the following topics:

– Regional dynamics
– Future military and institutional government
– Manage and coordinate future security
– Future police and institutional governance
– The future of smart cities and security governance
– Gendarmerie and future diplomacy