Iranian Report on Recent Irbil Missile Attack

The US base targeted in Irbil was a cyber attack training center.


ایگاه آمریکایی هدف قرار گرفته در اربیل مرکز آموزش حملات سایبری بود

یک تحلیلگر مسائل سیاسی عراقی تاکید کرد: در جریان حمله موشکی اخیر به اربیل، یک پایگاه آمریکایی که مرکز آموزش حملات سایبری علیه کشورهای منطقه بود، هدف قرار گرفت.

An Iraqi political analyst stressed that during the recent missile attack on Irbil, an American base that was a training center for cyber attacks against countries in the region was targeted.

According to the Bahar government, quoting Tasnim, “Abbas Al-Ardawi” emphasized in an interview with Al-Ahd News website: “This American base was used to train forces to carry out cyber attacks, and I believe that differences between Kurdish movements are the cause of this incident.” have been.

He added: “All the signs show the fact that this attack was carried out by parties inside the Kurdistan region and has nothing to do with the popular uprising.”

Al-Ardawi added: “At this American base, there are troops who have retreated from Syria, and alongside them, groups have been trained as the US cyber army, whose main mission is to incite sedition and create conflict in Iraq and the whole region.”

The Iraqi expert concluded: “Some CIA officers are also present at this American base in Irbil, who have missions in different departments.”