Eastern Fleet of the PLA Navy

It is reported that at the beginning of February 2021, the Eastern Fleet of the PLA Navy included four new corvettes of Project 056A: sixty-sixth (Shanyu), sixty-seventh (Nanyang), sixty-eighth and sixty-ninth in a row with hull numbers 618, 619 , 636 and 637, respectively.
Project 056 corvettes are designed to patrol territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone, escort, anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, protection of fishing, as well as to replace several types of patrol ships and part of the outdated Project 053H frigates of the Jianghu I class.

Although their construction began in 2012, the fleet of Project 056 ships is already one of the largest in the PLA Navy. Currently, 69 corvettes of Project 056 have been accepted into the PLA Navy, and 3 more units are at various stages of construction and testing. The average delivery rate for corvettes is one ship every six weeks.