We are exposing today one of the “Emen Net Pasargad” company’s key assets – the AVAT system, one of the company’s most profitable products over the past year!
The AVAT is a modeling system that indentifies threats to the malware developed by the company and the Iranian security and espionage apparatus, using leading anti-virus programs offered by the market (ESET, Kaspersky, McAfee, Trend Micro and Microsoft Security Essential etc.)

To all the cyber security experts and organizations!
“Emen Net Pasargad” sells this system to the security and espionage apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to detect vulnerabilities in their malicious cyber tools, and customize them accordingly. These tools are used for malicious attacks against other countries in order to sabotage their infrastructures, hurt their national security, and intrude their civilians’ privacy.

The purchase of most of the anti-virus products was done through manipulations and deceit, using front companies, in order to bypasses the sanctions imposed by the UNSC against the terrorist regime.


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You must be asking yourselves who are the bastards who are creating such products, and against which countries are these products used.
Follow us, soon we will expose it all…

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By Treadstone 71

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