Fonix Ransomware End of Year Issue FoNixCrYptEr

There is a problem (stopped working) while executing ransomware due to reaching the last 5 days of the year!

Until the problem is resolved, first set the server date to 5 days later and then run the ransomware. Otherwise ransomware will not work!
There is a problem in all versions.

We sincerely apologize to all our friends for the problem.

If you have a problem with changing the date manually, use the file above.
Run with ransom access before running ransomware.

مشکل 5 روز آخر سال میلادی و چند کرش کوچک برطرف شد.
در صورت نیاز به نسخه فیکس شده در پیوی اعلام کنید.

date 12-12-20 FoNixCrYptEr