Minister of Defence of Armenia, Ms. Shushan Stepanyan

Press secretary of the Minister of Defence of Armenia, Ms. Shushan Stepanyan, 2 hours ago:
— “During the night the enemy has attempted to advance and consolidate in the southeast direction (off Jebrail), but #Azerbaijani units have been engaged and defeated by accurate rocket-artillery fire of Armenian (Armed) Forces.


Before the Internet was cut off as a result of the strikes on Stepanakert.

At 06.30, after another rocket-artillery fire, the remnants of three enemy oversized brigades have fled the battlefield in panic, leaving in their wake 60 killed in action, as well as 22 destroyed and several dozen operational pieces of equipment. Video is available.

Not long before, a large enemy POL storage depot was destroyed in the southeastern direction by a pinpoint fire of the Armenian units.
There are now opportunities in various directions of the frontline for exploitation of success.”