316 Influencers, youtubers… They are like russian troll armies, paid to lie about products. Paid by well organized companies working for the major brands. Sometimes those companies get 100GB Databases hacked. Shit happens. These are all cosmetics youtubers / instagrammers. Part of a subgroup to be hired for marketing around coachela.

Angela Guzman

[Image: AATXAJzpsGrUp1MWOcRvtX9WnoTICjxUWxihT0jF...f-no-rj-mo]

I posted this earlier today – then took down – and now reposting after advice from a mod. The pastebin will have been copied by now anyway.

Link, email, name, phone, home address

Here is a doxx of some of them. Free. It forms a tiny part of a big database dump that might appear here next week. That will be released if a Israeli corporation doesn’t make me happy.(dumping all Preen.me in parts when I get time.

Sorry for the duplication, it was a quick copy and paste

Some have a few thousand followers, and a few of these have 500,000+ on youtube.

Includes these

By Treadstone 71

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