“Israeli accounts say the explosion of a gas tank near a military base in Tehran was the result of an Israeli cyber attack,” the defense correspondent wrote.


However, this news is merely a claim and has not yet been confirmed by Iran’s intelligence and security agencies.

The MAXAR satellite image clearly shows the location of the explosion and fire in the Khajir area (east of #Tehran), the damaged structure and the gas tanks.

Terrible explosion in East Tehran

Pictures of Israeli intelligence satellites show that an explosion took place last night in the Khojir missile factory in eastern Tehran. Industrial gas tanks next to one of the factory’s buildings exploded as a result of the accident.

ا سلام خدمت دوستان گرامی!!
در چند روز پیش اکانت های اسرائیلی ادعا کرده بودند که مخزن های گازی پارچین مورد نفوذ به اصطلاح هکر های اسرائیلی قرار گرفته و باعث انفجار آنها شده اند

تیم امنیتی ورتکس(گرداب) و
این کار را بی جواب نگذاشت و با نفوذ به سرور شرکت گاز رمت هشارون(Ramat HaSharon) انتقام گرفت

تمام اطلاعات سرور فرمت شد باشد تا رستگار شوند




The Khujir missile plant has recently delivered precision missiles to Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon.


Defense Ministry spokesman: The blast did not cause any casualties.


Defense Ministry spokesman Abdi: A gas tank exploded in the Parchin area when the fire was extinguished by firefighters.

Satellite data from the fire points of the past 24 hours confirm the geographical location, which was previously obtained based on images and videos released from the light or explosion this morning in the east of #Tehran.
The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police recruiting center.


Satellite data from fire points in the east of #Tehran

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