Iranian incitement of hate against the State of Israel

All students, university professors, international activists and other experts are invited to submit their ideas and suggestions on the occasion of World Al-Quds Day in light of the current situation (the spread of #Coronavirus) and as alternatives to the march, by contacting the following IDs Deadline for submission of suggestions and ideas:
17 to 26 May 2016
Islamic World Working Group Sharif University Student Basij

Infiltrated schools, colleges, universities and every facet of Iranian life is guided by false revolutionary ideals meant to report family and friends if they do not spout and lies of the government. Remember, Iran was never a fascist theocracy until 1979 when they murdered scores of thousands of their own citizens. The #IRGC are the embodiment of what Iranian citizens hated and feared most. The #SAVAK.

We support the freedom of Iranian people.

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