Houthi commanders previously trained in Iran killed

Training of Houthi commanders in Iran

Al-Arabiya and al-Hadith sources reported Friday, February 7, that a group of Houthi commanders who had previously been trained in Iran had been killed in the aftermath of yesterday’s attacks by Yemeni law-enforcement forces in support of the Yemeni government in Jawah province.

These commanders include Iyad Yahya al-Ahmad al-Ayani, Nasser Salman Ahmad al-Hamas, Ali Yahya al-Murfih al-Ayani, Mohammed Ahmed Rafi al-Aiani and Saleh Morfeh al-Aiani.

Available information indicates that Murad al-Habari, known as Abu Houthi, a Houthi commander, was killed along with nine of his companions in a clash between National Army forces and Houthi militias in Jawf province in northern Yemen.