This is reported by a Ukrainian news agency claiming to have access to the conversations of the flight pilot EP3768 (Tehran-Shiraz) and the watchtower allegedly flying over the Ukrainian aircraft that night.Ukraine PS752 Radio Call
EP3768 Sky Aircraft Radio Call from Imam Khomeini International Airport Watch Tower coincides with the destruction of #Ukraine #PS752 aircraft by some Russian sources.

Gisted rough translation:
Tower: – Good morning, Ukraine International Airlines 752 (inaudible), departure identified alt 260, climb to 6000 feet, turn right to Paroch.Tower: – After 6000 feet to Paroch.Pilot EP3768: – We are approaching from the north, 3768.Tower: – Good morning, 3768. Tower: – Aseman 3768 (inaudible), identify 3343 left, level 110.Pilot EP3768: – Flight 3768, come in.Pilot EP3768: – We are approaching from the north, 3768.Pilot EP3768: – No, sir?Pilot EP3768: – Zone 320, active for passage?Tower: – GPS (inaudible).Pilot EP3768: – Flares on route, as if from a missile. Should anything like this be happening there?Tower: – Zone 320? How many miles away? Where? EP3768Pilot: – Can’t say for sure. But I think it is near (air field) Payam, (city) Karaj.Tower: – How many miles? Where?Pilot EP3768: – I now see the light as it flies off of there.Tower: – We were not informed of this.Tower: – How does it look like? What does this light look like?Pilot EP3768: – That surely is the light from a missile.Tower: – It’s not flying toward the city (Tehran), is it?Pilot EP3768: – It might be… Oh, no it was flying from the direction of the city.Tower: – We were informed nothing, but keep watching.Pilot EP3768: – Okay. I’m getting on the landing course.Tower: – “Ukraine International Airlines” 752, do you read? Tower: – “Ukraine International Airlines” 752, do you read? Tower: – “Ukraine International Airlines” 752, do you read?! (message repeated several times from 02:27 to 04:25, unanswered) Tower: – “Aseman” 3768, 9000 (inaudible), landing course. Tower: – “Aseman” 3768, everything, you see nothing else up there?Pilot EP3768: – Mr engineer, we saw an explosion, a big flare from the explosion, we don’t understand what it is.Tower: – We don’t know for sure…Pilot EP3768: – Is our course OK?Tower: – Yes, I don’t think there will be any problem for you.Pilot EP3768: – God forbid!”

By Treadstone 71

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