At a Time When they Were Demonstrating but Now Unifying

Request for Honorary Protests for Students of Sharif University of Technology in the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps


The assassination has unified a country just days ago at odds over rising inflation, unemployment, and the removal of subsidies followed by hundreds killed by at their own hands. A nation once divided unified by a common enemy. An example of this unification targets the educated youth at the “MIT of the Middle East”, Sharif University.

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Dynamic Role (Quds Force of Sharif)

“Panic, it’s not his school testimony …”
Imam Khomeini

The seedlings of the Islamic Resistance, based on the Islamic Revolution and irrigated with the blood of hundreds of oppressed martyrs from Imad Mughniyah to Sheikh Nimr, are now transformed into a large tree in the area, which originates from Kashmir to Nigeria.

Now the bloody claws of criminal America have once again been stained with the brave blood of resistance commanders, unaware that every drop of martyr’s blood is shed by determined and fighting men, and this will continue.

We, a group of students, professors, and graduates of Sharif University of Technology, disgusted with the cowardly terrorist move by the US government, believe that retaliation for the pure blood of dear Sardar, Qassem Suleimani, will only happen with the vengeance of the perpetrators and perpetrators. Therefore, while fully supporting the actions of the Resistance Front in the region, we eagerly declare our desire to join the Quds Force in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards honorably.

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