Confirmation of the video released from the moment of firing of the Morsad system based on the result of GEOINT / IMINT analysis at geographical location 30 ° 32’41.72 “N 49 ° 2’8.94” E

Iranian media reported today that the Morsad missile defense system fired and shot down an “unmanned UAV”.

The air defense of Mahshahr port in Khuzestan province depends on the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.No details have been released as to what the UAV is and what country it belongs to. There is also no information on whether the UAV is military or civilian.

Islamic Republic officials also announced two weeks ago that an unidentified UAV was shot down, but the following day it was revealed that the UAV was owned by the Revolutionary Guards Corps. Contrary to reports, the abolished UAV was targeted by the US Consulate in Basra.Islamic Republic officials initially said the UAV was shot down by the June 3 missile system, but on Oct. 5, Abolfazl Tavakoli Bina, a member of the Central Movement of the Islamic Movement, said the shoot down of the US drone was the work of the Iranian army