Social Networking Intelligence Services – High Value Targets

Social network targeting, data collection, production, analysis and reporting is very much center stage at Treadstone 71.  Intelligence of any type must be applied if it is to be useful, and it needs to be actionable. In most cases, this implies that the intelligence has to be transmitted, communicated, shared and delivered with clear recommendations and opportunities to the client.

Treadstone 71 integrates counterintelligence and cyber counterintelligence as extracted and analyzed from social networking and other Web 2.0+ sites. We have taken the physical tradecraft of intelligence and applied cyber methods to this mature discipline. We help organizations recognize how they are being targeted for intelligence collection purposes and, provide cyber counterintelligence support and services to defend against this threat. Our services draw relationships between various social networking sites finding threads that tie together leading to assumptions based upon available evidence. Treadstone 71 also considers various competing hypothesis ensuring all possible scenarios are considered.

Using denial, deception and counterintelligence operations while staying within the legal bounds of our client nation, Treadstone 71 identifies and remediates issues using counter strategies to drive the desired perception. Cyber intelligence gathering from social networking can be a precursor to more devious activities such as cyber espionage and virtual penetration and manipulation of your most prized possessions. Know and understanding your cyber attack surface is the first step towards addressing these issues.


Whether our client is an individual or a large organization, we prepare our customers in the tradecraft of cyber intelligence and counterintelligence. For more information about our Social Networking Intelligence Services, please contact us:

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