yashar shahinzadeh

Ravin Academy issued a statement, Now hides

After the DOJ sanctions announcement ( and defection of known hacker Voorivex (alias Scorpion, real name Yashar Shahinzadeh) amongst others: Last night, Wednesday, November 4, while we were busy summarizing the daily affairs of Ravin Academy, news was sent to us by our students, which was difficult for us to believe; But it was true. "Inclusion of Ravin Academy and its co-founders in the sanctions list of the US Treasury Department" We are in shock…

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Slides for Teaching BurpSuite

دو دوره آزموشی آنلاین با عنوان «BurpSuite Sifu» با همکاری آکادمی راوین برگزار شد و دیگه قرار نیست برگزار بشه این دوره، اسلایدها رو باتون به‌اشتراک میذارم ممکنه به دردتون بخوره. Ravin Academy https://cybershafarat.com/2019/03/27/offseconf19/ https://cybershafarat.com/2016/09/04/aeoictfiran/ https://cybershafarat.com/2015/02/03/yashar-shahinzadeh-congrats-on-the-award-order-of-the-purple-target/ offsec_4_burp Yashar-Shahinzadeh-resume Treadstone 71 Training

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