prison break

#Amaq Overview & Video – #Hasakah

Amaq AgencyIslamic State WARNING The Ghwaryan Prison Raid.. Military Source in the Islamic State to Amaq: We Killed Dozens of PKK Members and Freed Hundreds of Prisoners and the Battles are Ongoing Amaq Agency - Syria - Hasakah: Dozens of PKK militiamen were killed and hundreds of prisoners broke out of Ghwaryan prison, following the sweeping offensive that Islamic State fighters launched 3 days ago on the large prison in Hasakah. A military source in…

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#Hasakah Prison Break: #ISIS Statement

Islamic State resources released a statement detailing the massive attack on the Hasakah prison. According to propagandists, the attack began with a self-explosion of two suicide bombers. Then one of the militant groups broke into the institution, and the other ambushed those units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that could join in the suppression of the attackers. Epic Gherwan / Destroy walls Congrats According to the terrorists, in total they released about eight hundred…

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