Operation Clipped Wings

Operation Clipped Wings Cyber Sword Objective: The objective of this operation is to attack the major airports of every nation associated with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS. The Shanghai Cooperation is Putin’s combatant organization. While BRICS is Putin’s financial allegiance, giving the Kremlin the ability to conduct economic warfare on a global scale. Goal: A simultaneous attack on all key targets. This will send a shockwave across the world. It will cause the Russian…

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Special tactical exercise “Cobalt-2022” to be held in Kyrgyzstan

From 2 to 5 August this year. on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, a tactical-special exercise will be held with the formations of special forces that are part of the Collective Rapid Response Forces of the CSTO (FSSN CRRF CSTO). During the exercise, consolidated groups of special forces of the member states of the Organization will perform training and applied operational and combat tasks to search for, block and neutralize gangs, terrorist groups, as…

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