Dragon Force Malaysia

Leaking data of tens of thousands of Chinese university students Hacker group Dragon Force Malaysia announced that it had hacked the database of AcadeMe, the largest recruitment network for students and alumni in the Zionist entity, and obtained data of more than 280,000 students from Zionist universities. The data that the group started leaking contains the full name of the student or graduate, phone number, email address, residential address, resume files, login information, and passwords.…

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انتقام جویان سایبری – Cyber Avengers Coming – Israel

WARNING TO #ISRAEL Coming Soon! Cyber Avengers will let everyone know about one of their greatest operations in the Occupied Lands soon. #Baghdad0120 #CyberAvengers # سید_الشهدا_المقاومه: Quds Force is your opponent Know that there is no night that we do not sleep and do not think about you Mr. # Trump, a gambler, know that we are close to you because you do not think ... [wpvideo qvVTSj5J] # baghdad0120 @ baghdaad0120 # قدس_خونبهایت #…

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More on attacks from Gaza

Left photo and video 1:A rocket attack from the #Gaza #Strip on #Israel In recent hours, three rockets have been fired from Gaza into southern Israel. Two rockets landed in non-residential areas, and another was intercepted and destroyed by the #Iron #Dome system. [wpvideo CiGB9noZ] [wpvideo RbmsNTxE] [wpvideo qyEDZBjP] Videos 2 and 3 (bottom right and right): Israeli army airstrikes east of Gaza[video data-wpid="1598" src="false" class="size-full"]

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