Kadyrovsky Platoon Pleas Go Unanswered – Irkutsk mobilized regiment destroyed

There are 12 people left from the platoon! The mobilized were thrown into a murderous assaultAgain, we see the conversion of soldiers who were sentenced to death by mediocre commanders! The men were called up as part of the territorial defense in the Belgorod region, and then they were taken to the DPR. There, the documents were taken away from the fighters and, without intelligence, communications and training, they were thrown into a deadly attack!…

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Forced Mobilization

Татарстан. С промышленного предприятия мобилизуют целую группу людей. Причём документ датирован 20 сентября, до объявления мобилизации, а вчера в 14:00 этим людям уже должны были вручить повестки. In accordance with Article 4 of the Federal Law "On Military Duty and Military Service", I ask you to ensure the appearance of citizens who are in the reserve and responsible for military registration at the city's military commissariat at the address: st. "2t" September 2022 by 1400…

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#Kadyrov no longer believes in the power of #Putin

Kadyrov no longer believes in the power of Putin, after the failure in Ukraine. Are we waiting for the third Chechen war? Already after the first week of the military operation in Ukraine, it is obvious that it will end in complete failure for our commander in chief. With zero achievements in the implementation of military tasks, Russia immediately received the maximum package of sanctions that will lead to the rapid destruction of the economy, regardless of…

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