Iranian Il-76TD Cargo plane appeared over Crimea flying towards Sevastopol

Hours ago, Russian channels reported that a Iranian Il-76TD Cargo plane, appeared over the territory of the Republic of Crimea flying towards the city of Sevastopol. Such a plane sometimes reportedly was spotted invariably carrying various interesting cargoes from Tehran to Moscow (and sometimes to Tatarstan). According to the reports, the Iranian Il-76TD EP-PUS, affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), was indeed in Crimea, staying on the peninsula for about two hours. According…

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Common drug caches on cargo ships

Maritime transport has inadvertently played an unfortunate role in drug trafficking for many years. Numerous cases of drug trafficking have been discovered on ships, leading to the seizure of ships and the arrest of members inside the ship. In the picture above, you will get acquainted with the common hideouts of drugs.

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Complete list of “Hamrah Hamrah” passengers from Mahan Air’s check-in system – #Hooshyaran-e #Vatan

Direct from Hooshyaran-e VatanWhen searching for some more exotic destinations, we found more than we expected. Here is a complete list of “Hamrah Hamrah” passengers from Mahan Air’s check-in system. When inspecting the list, you will find that while they mainly fly to Damascus, they also have flights to other destinations, including Beirut, Baghdad, Kabul and Istanbul. This may indicate covert QF activity in these areas. This list can point out QF activity worldwide, and…

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