Caliphate Members in Disbelief – Extreme Paranoia

Reactions to the news of the earth of ابو ابراهيم الهاشمي القريشي, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi Brothers, The crusaders, they killed the Califa.Asalaam Alaikum Ikhwan . This is the time to remind ourselves who we are and what purpose Allah allows us another day in Dunya. Instead of speculating kuffar Hollywood styled epic news- Lets make Dua. May Allah strengthen us and keep the brothers on all the fronts strong. May Khilafah spread to all…

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Recent #ISIS activity in South and Southeast Asia #IslamicState

Philippines Clashes with Philippine army in Mindanao, 5 killedGrenade attack at a party in Datu Piang, 8 casualties, mayor of the city said that victims belonged to 'LGBTQ+' Pakistan Pakistani intelligence spy severely injured by IED explosion in BajaurPoliceman assassinated in Kohat Afghanistan IED exploded on a Taliban vehicle in District 9 in Jalalabad, followed by a second IED explosion when the militants gathered at the site of explosion, 9 casualtiesTaliban vehicle ambushed in District…

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