Yemen Air Force “Furat 2” and “Seqib 2” air defense systems

Yemen Armed Forces Spokesman: The Furat 2 air defense system has been able to counter enemy F-1, F-2, Mirage and Typhoon fighter jets. Yemeni army today (Saturday) unveils its five missile defense systems to release a film on how to shoot down the US invader UAV in the sky. Coalition fighters were targeted in four different operations, some of them shot down and some damaged. [wpvideo CDTcm3Ng] Air defense forces targeted 6 helicopters in three…

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Houthis hack Saudi TV News

#Cyber Attack on #Saudi Arabian news network al-Akhbariya by #Houthis. They hacked and controlled the live broadcast. Rahal_ye The cyber attack and hack is not being covered in the KSA. Ansar Allah Yemen حمله سایبری به یکی از شبکه های خبری عربستان سعودی! حوثی های یمن پس از حمله سایبری به شبکه ی alekhbariya عربستان سعودی و کنترل سیستم های پخش زنده این شبکه سرودی با مضمون "تسلیم شو سعودی" پخش کردند. [wpvideo JcR9vj0d…

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