Universal Dark Service

#Xaknet – #Kremlin Proxy Given Specific Instructions to Hack #Kropyva & #DDoS Telegram

In May of this year, XakNet was directed to attack Kropyva infrastructure and disrupt command and control. Killnet and their minions were recruited to join in: From xaknetTo all DDoSers: Target 1 : activation.nettlecloud.com (ports 80,443,8080,9080,7443) (ports 80,443,9443,11443) meteo.nettlecloud.com (ports 80,443,1443,9443,11443) target 2: http://kropyva.nettlecloud.com ( target 3: https://resources.nettlecloud.com:6443/ http://resources.nettlecloud.com:8080/ target 4: (ports 80.443 and whatever) target 5: meteo-server.nettle.logika.tech target 6: https://argocd.nettle.logika.tech/ target 7: http://test.nettle.logika.tech/ Goals are extremely important. This is no longer just pampering, so we ask all…

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Who is #Killnet ? Hackers announced #DDoS attacks – #killmilk

Hackers announced that they had carried out DDoS attacks on the website of the Ministry of Justice and the FSB on New Year's Eve - Hack95x The below is derived from hack95x and other Russian sources. According to Gulagu.net, hackers from the Universal Dark Service team staged a DDoS attack on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on New Year's Eve, and also tried to block the work of the…

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