Hybrid War Russia

All this is related to Russia and Putin's desire to return to USSR boundaries Soon there will be only one final option left for Russia, and it will undoubtedly terrify the world as a crazed Putin realizes all is lost. Russia is deliberately playing with fire. The US has never had an ideological understanding with the Russia, and Ukraine does not belong to Russia. Aligning with Russia would be very insulting and of course dangerous.…

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Looking for Russian Hackers who want to Defect – Русские перебежчики

Many thousands of Russians are already trying to leave Russia, but the U.S. and other countries have not done anything to encourage this behavior. #OpRUDefect KILLNET Xaknet_Team We are signaling that Russian hackers of groups like Killnet and Xaknet should defect to the West. We welcome you in our country. There would be a number of benefits, and it’s eminently feasible. Protest by leaving Russia. Take your skills, money, and knowledge. Many in your circle…

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