General information about the target from open sources

Full name: Rishi Sunak

Position and place of work: British Prime Minister

Chancellor of the Exchequer (2020-2022).

Chief Secretary of the Treasury. UK (2019-2020).

Managed a number of hedge funds.

Analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Age: Born May 12, 1980 in Southampton


• Sunak’s family is quite wealthy – his father was a family doctor, and his mother was a pharmacist.

Married to Akshata Murthy, daughter of Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy. He met his wife while studying at Stanford University (USA). Their total capital with his wife is estimated at 730 million pounds.

• Has two daughters: Krishna (b. 2011) and Anushka (b. 2013). Education

• Received an MBA from Stanford University

. 2001 – Graduated from Lincoln College, Oxford University.

Private school – Winchester College.

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• Sunak went from deputy to prime minister in just seven years. In 2015, he won the parliamentary elections in the district of Richmond.

• Founded a $1bn global investment company focused on supporting small businesses in the UK.

• In 2020, due to the spread of coronavirus infection, COVID-19 provided financial assistance measures to closed restaurant owners

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Characteristics of the energy potential

• Efficiency is not high, he needs time and a lot of additional information to make effective decisions. not inclined to impulsive decisions, all actions are verified.

• Dynamics of behavior is even. Endurance is not high, periods of activity are replaced by long periods of recovery.

• Emotionally stable, well in control of the manifestation of their emotions.

Manifestation of character

During activities, it is guided by its own proven action plan, compiled on the basis of a deep analysis of the situation, attempts to predict the behavior of other participants in the interaction and minimize risks.

• The range of tasks available to this person is analytics, risk calculation, preservation of traditional values ​​in the broadest sense of the word.

He achieves high performance only in those segments where he is an expert.

• It is characterized by the usual monotonous type of activity, with independent responsibility for its narrow area. Not prone to high risk projects.

Communication features

• The circle of communication is narrow, elected. There is no desire to expand new contacts. A devoted person makes efforts to maintain existing relationships.

Communication skills are developed, delicate and tactful in communication.

Will not be imposed.

• In the event of a conflict situation, all decisions will be made only after a careful calculation of the consequences.

Motivational sphere

• In his actions, he relies on the maintenance and preservation of traditional orders and values. Finance is one of the values ​​that motivates him, and he will defend it.

• He became a supporter of the Conservative Party while still in school and has remained loyal to her to this day.

• Another important motivational aspect is his family. It is important for him to preserve and increase her well-being.

• He does not try to be popular and famous at any cost.

Structure of interests

• Financial interests and well-being of his family.

• Preservation of conservative values.

• Political activity within the conservative party.

• Harmonious relationships within the family.


• Adequate (harmonious) self-assessment. He does not try to play other people’s roles. He clearly knows what circle he belongs to and does not try to be his boyfriend for everyone. PR attempts to become “the average Briton failed due to the lack of a demonstrative start – to convincingly play a role. not CMor

Recommendations for negotiations

• Good negotiator: prepares for negotiations carefully and meticulously. Before making any decisions, listen carefully to the opponent. Pedantic and meticulous. Not inclined to drastic steps to introduce fundamental changes. All his actions are verified.

• Average tempo, well-delivered speech. The speed of information processing is below average, since all information will be double-checked.

• Prefers a mixed negotiating style, likely to use covert manipulation. Follows a strategy of small steps. Not ready for lengthy negotiations. They can be productive for no more than 1 hour.

Willingness to take on obligations – only after careful verification and coordination with their key partners or employers.

• When a conflict situation arises, there will be no confrontation.

• At the first meeting it will be difficult to build sympathy with him in negotiations.

If your team does not have a person of similar status. Knowledge and compliance with UK etiquette is considered essential for successful relationship building. Do not try to use short conversations in negotiations. It will be difficult for him to quickly switch from one topic to another, this will annoy him. In no case should you appeal to his Indian origin, because. he considers himself an Englishman.

• The focus of his attention in any negotiations is the miscalculation of risks, profits and reputation preservation.

The main demotivators in the negotiations will be:

  • the requirement that he make important decisions in a limited period of time, a sharp change in the agenda of the meeting, a large number of diverse issues on the agenda of the meeting, an offer to participate in high-risk projects.


Rashi Sunak is a sophisticated negotiator who will use covert manipulation. He will take a long time to make a decision, his focus is on the risks. Most likely, to achieve your goals, you will need more than one meeting and a highly professional, well-played team. As well as the presence in the team of a person whom he can trust or a recommendation from a person whom he trusts. For example, a recommendation from his wife’s father.

You can quickly achieve positive results if your proposal reflects not only his values ​​and interests, but also the values ​​of the ruling elite, of which he is a representative.

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