Familiarity with drones

Hermes 900

It is a medium-sized multi-purpose UAV, manufactured by the occupation regime of Al-Quds (Elbit Systems LTD) with high flight continuity, for medium-altitude tactical missions.

This drone was designed and developed by improving the overall design of the previous version, namely Hermes 450, and its main missions are identification, monitoring, care, and communication relay, and it can be compared with MQ1 model drones or Heron group drones.

Hermes 900 is twice as big compared to its predecessor, Hermes 450, and is able to operate at a higher altitude of 3,000 feet above the ground.

Some of the characteristics of this bird are as follows:

»Flight duration: 36 hours
»Operational range: 200 km
»Length: 3.8 meters
“Wings distance: 15 meters
» Maximum take-off weight: 1600 kg
“Maximum weight of cargo and fuel: 350 kg
» Maximum speed: 220 km
» Maximum cruise speed: 112 km/h
» Flight ceiling: 9144 meters
» Driving force: four-stroke Rotax 914 turbocharged engine made in Austria with a power of 115 horsepower
Users: Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Switzerland

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