In their own words:

  • When: Prophet Noah: He used to tell the people about the occurrence of a great storm
  • When: Abraham promised the defeat of the pagans and the destruction of Nimrod the Great
  • When: Hazrat Musa: He promised the freedom of the Jewish people after 600 years of captivity by the pharaohs
  • When: The Noble Messenger of Islam (PBUH): He promised the conquest of Kasri and Rome
  • When: Imam Musa Kazem (AS) said: A man will rise from Qom and overthrow the Taghut
  • When: Imam Khomeini (RA) said: This revolution will win and the Shah will go 🔸
  • When: Hazrat Agha said: America will not do anything wrong, and after all the uproar of the military attack on Iran by America in the past few decades, everyone saw that it could not do anything wrong. Aware that: They said to Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah: You will win against Israel if you persevere, God willing And this was achieved and Israel was defeated in 3 consecutive wars
  • When they said: Syria and Iraq will not fall and ISIS will be defeated and Bashar al-Assad will remain And now, after a few years, we all saw that it happened
  • When they said: We will make progress in all dimensions
  • When: Addressing Saudi Arabia in the attack on Yemen, they said: You will definitely lose against the Yemeni Mujahideen. And now, after about 7 years of Saudi aggression, you see all the scandals of the failure of the Saudi army and its coalition

But now he has publicly stated predictions for the future of Iran and the region:

  • Israel will not see the next 25 years.
  • The youth will see the great failure of America with their own eyes
  • Arabia will fall into the hands of Mujahideen for God’s path Iran will conquer the great peaks of the world

Promises are strange promises, and very big, promises are not the type of predictions of strategic analysts

  • The promises are from the promises of divine saints
  • And it informs about the future, about a great and great future for us Iranians and Muslim nations Let us believe that these are divine promises that come out of the mouth of this divine man

Imam Khamenei is one of the great saints of God

There are material problems, and God willing, they will be solved But a great resurrection is taking place which this great man tells us one by one and promises

Let’s believe that with the help of God, news is coming Don’t be afraid of the commotion of foreigners around the country: This country has an owner

Let’s believe as Mr. Seyyed Ali said: The last breath is the enemy.

By Treadstone 71

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