Putin did the impossible – stirred up and united the dormant and fragmented European Union, united Ukrainian society around Zelensky, turned Ukraine into the main country of the world, the fate of which millions of people are now worried about. And, most importantly, Putin blocked the Russian Federation’s chance for a minimum decent standard of living.

The Mafia is, in its own right, a group of oligarchs with targeted financial interests. To become a family member means to accept secret rituals, complicated rules and tangled webs of loyalty based on economics. Those who run afoul of the family risk being ostracized … and worse. Many oligarchd who have turned against the Mafia have met an untimely, often gruesome death.

Putin is sealing his own fate

The European Commission said that the disconnection of a number of banks from SWIFT “will actually block Russian exports and imports”

Every day the sanctions are growing with great force. Russia is already losing the ability to produce almost all electronics, its access to aviation is blocked, it is losing chances for the implementation of industry and agriculture. A rogue country, completely cut off from the outside world, falling into the dark embrace of Xi, is turning from a regional power into an empire-absorbed country.

NATO countries realized that Ukraine is capable of giving a serious response, so they began to supply it with weapons up to lethal ones.

According to American and European sociologists, the involvement of the population in the Ukrainian case is being measured. The rating of sympathy is summed up. Support for the use of NATO forces in the war with Russia is also calculated. All sympathy is on the side of the Ukrainians.

European countries, in coordination with the US and Canada, decided to limit the ability of the Bank of Russia to support the ruble exchange rate with international financial transactions, “freezing” its assets – Head of the EC Ursula von der Leyen

3/4 trillion dollars are frozen.

Macron delivered an ultimatum to Lukashenka on the need to betray Putin and kick Russian troops out of Belarus. So, “it’s time to stop being a vassal” and the appeal “President Lukashenko” are direct bribes and some guarantees for the Lukashenka regime. Let’s see if Minsk realizes its part of the “treacherous deal”, whether it leaks all the information to the West or not in the near future, however, it is already reported that reservists are urgently being called in Belarus.

There is also information that the power elite is “urgently raised to a meeting.”

The British are beginning to threaten that “they will get to every Russian oligarch.” We are talking about the possibility of confiscation of property. And this proposal will soon be considered.

So far, the militaristic note dominates in Russia, but it will probably soon be replaced by quite pressing problems among the deep people – prices will begin to grow mercilessly, the range of goods will be severely reduced, external money transfers will become an irresistible luxury …

British economists agree that even the current sanctions are enough to set Russia back 30 years in the next decade.

This is historically the toughest package ever accepted.

Biden today confirmed that “an alternative to such sanctions was the declaration of a Third World War.”

All politicians “bought” by the Kremlin turned their backs on him.

The information “from the rumors” that a group will work on the Ukrainian-Russian track, which will study the manifestations of the “war crimes” of the Russian regime, has been confirmed. It’s a tribunal on the horizon.

By Treadstone 71

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