Ransomware from al-tubba al-yemeni

Exclusively and for the first time on the Telegram pages, and all social networking sites
Social Media a ransom virus was programmed, which is commonly known as the English language
[ Ransomware ]

By [Al-Taba’ Al-Yamani] and [Black Hacker Abu Al-Ezz]

The ransom virus was programmed by the Yamani affiliate and the black hacker Abu Al-Ezz to target systems and servers and encrypt files, and no one can decrypt it except on your hand.

You can modify the key and add information such as email or phone number to contact you to pay a ransom in exchange for decrypting the virus
Decryption can only be done with your remote device

Price is negotiable.

Just give us what we lost when programming the virus. We don’t want to profit.
To purchase the virus, contact us privately yemeni follower: abm_10