Standard Defiance and Cyber Threats – Iran, Ehsan Tehrani

I will compare two cyber attacks for you, see the difference between us and them. #IRGC #Cyber

Some time ago, during a cyber attack, we managed to hack the CIA, the encrypted codes of the list of CIA spies around the world were broken, and we obtained the names, addresses and details of thousands of CIA-related forces.

Broken lists and codes were made available to our strategic partners such as Russia, Jane, etc., and many of these agents were either arrested, killed, or doubled.

This caused a great deal of scandal for the US intelligence service, which also imposed very high costs on them.

Along with this issue, Iran’s position and cyber power also greatly improved among friendly and hostile countries

With all their might, they were able to carve the country’s fuel system and disrupt the distribution of the country’s gasoline for several hours, as well as change the text of several billboards.

  • I have nothing to do with humiliating the enemy
  • I have nothing to do with the weakness of the enemy
  • I have nothing to do with this non-strategic and insensitive action

I’m just saying wait for a cyber action that is tens of times more sensitive, strategic and crippling
We do not reach the mountains, but we reach Israel and the United States.