CyberIntellipedia | The Cyber Intelligence Knowledgebase

This wiki is an online system for collaborative data sharing built and used by Treadstone 71 to aid in building Cyber Threat Intelligence programs while establishing intelligence sharing and communities of interest. The Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Training Courses led to the establishment of CyberIntellipedia, a wiki consisting of multiple sections covering strategic planning, policies, procedures, templates, taxonomy, examples, dossiers, finished intelligence, estimative intelligence, open-source tools, adversary research, process flow diagrams, reporting, analytic tools and methods, threat intelligence TTPs, and more. From job descriptions and C-Suite presentations to cyber intelligence maturity models and threat matrices, Treadstone 71 is now selling the CyberIntellipedia to the public beginning December 20, 2019. Initial access is screened with tiered pricing. Tiered pricing includes full access to access to the forum area. We are seeking beta testers to participate in the review at discounted pricing.

Ecerything you need to build a cyber intelligence program

CyberIntellipedia aligns with the Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Training Courses including aspects of cyber intelligence tradecraft and cyber counterintelligence tradecraft. The wiki follows the intelligence lifecycle providing in-depth documentation for each aspect of the iterative process. We continue to enhance and build CyberIntellipedia including adding a historical cyber adversary component covering attacks, adversaries, their methods, tactics, techniques, and procedures indexed for rapid search.