We are exposing here our correspondence with one of the members of “Shahid Kaveh” Mohammad Shamlou-Fard (Shambouli). During this correspondence, this IRGC mouse denied completely his involvement with IRGC and the regime. As you can see, this IRGC bastard even criticized the regime and its damn leader Khamenei, which he had kissed-ass so far, and denied that Mehdi Lashgarian and others were his managers. He even went further and cursed our beloved country Iran. Our dear friends, look how these bastards hide behind their own mothers as soon as they feel at danger!

This bastard was born on 16.04.1992, National Identification Number 14533340, father’s name: Mojtaba.

As a married guy, he even put at danger his own wife Tahereh Saeedi with his illegal activities and hurts his own family. His friends have sold us more information and we will be having nice surprises for him during the next few days. We will bring him and his wife to escape the country with their own Peugeot car.

No doubt that they will be arrested outside Iran because we are handing over their personal information to those countries which they carried out cyberattack against them and threatened their national security.

2 – Shamloo curses the Iranian person!  Shamlou-Fard courses Iran!

3- Shamloo insults people!  Shamlou-Fard insults MOIS!

4 – Shamloo criticizes his leader!  Shamlou-Fard criticizes his leader

5.  Shamloo denies Mehdi Lashgarian!  Shamlou-Fard denies Mehdi Lashgarian!


By Treadstone 71

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