Belts and Roads Bypass Xi’an to Prague

#China and #Turkey bypassed #Iran
Xi’an – Baku, Azerbaijan: 10 days
Xi’an – Köseköy, Izmit: 12 days
Xi’an – Halkalı, Istanbul: 12 days
Xi’an – Prague, Czech Republic: 18 days

The Chinese railway to Turkey was opened yesterday by bypassing Iran.
The first cargo of Turkish train to China reached the Chinese city of Xi’an without passing through Iran.
Previously, the railway route was supposed to be from China to #Central_Asia, Iran, #Republic_of_Azerbaijan, #Georgia and from there to #Russia or Turkey and finally #Europe.

All of these routes were completed except for Iran, and on Saturday the first Turkish freight train without passing through Iran, passing through Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Caspian Sea (by ship), #Kazakhstan, reached the Chinese city of Xi’an.
The cargo covered 8,696 kilometers in 12 days and reached Xi’an from Istanbul, and if it went to China by sea instead of by rail, it would take a month to reach its destination. Association of Economic Activists
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