According to the evidence, Fakhrizadeh’s assassination operation

According to the evidence, Fakhrizadeh’s assassination operation, contrary to rumors, was not very complicated in terms of “carrying out the operation.”
Based on the results of the analysis of available information and IMINT evidence, the following scenario is possible in summary:
The occupants of the moving car (target) are surprised by the explosion of a Nissan [resident] at a short distance from them, and the car is stopped by the driver.

When the target is stopped, one or two actors shoot at least three bullets into the driver’s windshield. They then fired three to four bullets at the passenger behind the driver.

In the picture of the location of the Nissan car, the power transmission beam was damaged and the wires between the two towers were cut due to the Nissan explosion.

The occupant got out of the car in a bleeding condition and was probably martyred by the second / third actor.

The assailants appear to have carried out their operation quickly and simply, fleeing the scene after dispersing witnesses and people.
The complexity of such an operation is not in its execution, but its simplicity and speed of execution shows the intelligence aristocracy of the opposing institution.
As a result, investigating information leaks and leaks and controlling the intrusion network is more important than responding to or not responding to this blatant attempt.