Prince of Hacking – by Lab Dookhtegan – Donations Accepted

در این عکس ها شما میتوانید عرفان زادبود، ملقب به Princeofhacking یا Erfan Blood یکی دیگر از اعضای گروه انصار (واحد هک و امنیت) را مشاهده نمایید.
Here are photos of Erfan Zaadbood, nickname “Erfan Blood” or “Prince of hacking”, another member of the Ansar Group, hacking and security team.

To all fellow freedom co-fighters and supporters of our fight to liberate our homeland from the cursed Islamic Republic, it is essential to keep fighting against dictatorships, even at the time of this crisis.

To continue its holy fight against this disgraceful regime of the Islamic Republic, “Lab Dookhtegan” needs financial support, and, therefore, we call here upon our co-fighters and followers to forward our call for this financial support to all activities, networks, human rights organizations and any other entity which might support us.

In addition to financial assistance from other potential channels, your financial support for liberating the Iranian people from this evil regime is essential!

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