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Paranoid Zero Trust

Guerrillas, the paranoid Zero Trust is your life and freedom. In your (our) circumstances, this is more important than brushing your teeth and crossing the street at a green light. Remember and repeat like “our father” or “this is my rifle”: Any interlocutor can be hacked, unintentionally leak information, or turn out to be a set-up. Anything you report can be used against you. “You give us a share, we give you money” - a…

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Russian Partisans Create Internal Havoc

April 18 - five wagons with aviation fuel derailed at the St. Petersburg - Moskovsky - Sorting station. By morning, the wagons were back on track. The transport prosecutor's office is already investigating the incident. It is not known what exactly caused the descent, but the delay in the transportation of fuel is in any case a good thing. Hackers -=TWELVE=- claim a cyberattack on the Russian oil industry - disabling the well pumps of…

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The Future After Russia Loses in Ukraine

Commentary from Black Bridge Support The image of the future is often asked. Let's discuss post-Russia options:1. “Weimar Republic”2. Failed states3. China Russia4. Free states of healthy people1. After the defeat in the war and the conclusion of a peace treaty, Russia will become a pariah state in an economic crisis, with a destroyed infrastructure, a lack of skilled labor, hundreds of thousands of refugees, the unemployed, including many “veterans of the SVO” with PTSD,…

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Anti-Government Partizans Continue to Rock Russia

Two more objects collided with the elements p‌a‌r‌t‌i‌z‌a‌n‌s‌k‌o‌g‌o‌ n‌ne‌d‌o‌v‌o‌lstva (fire, in other words):VDL "Freedom of Russia" reports about the arson of an electrical switchboard near one of the military registration and enlistment offices in Chelyabinsk. Video attached. SHOT writes about a new sabotage on the railway. Last night, unknown people opened a relay cabinet in the Kaluga region with a crowbar and set it on fire - they did everything right, such things should be…

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The choice of targets for guerrilla attacks inside Russia

Despite jokes and memes about terrorism, we do not attack civilians. We do not destroy civilian infrastructure. If someone asks for support in such an action, we will dissuade. To terrorize civilians is a tactic of Putin, the FSB, and Kadyrov's devils. Thanks to the bombings of residential buildings in Moscow and Volgodonsk, Putin turned from an unknown pale moth into a “defender of the country”, a “savior with a firm hand” and started the…

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