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My name is Jeff Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer for Treadstone 71. For years, Treadstone 71 has provided data, information, and near real-time intelligence.

We are currently working to improve the quality and timeliness of our content. We ask you to support our cause! Why? Because your support ensures we continue to bring premium, targeted information via The Cyber Shafarat.

To learn more about possible Crowdfunding options that give you a piece of our intellectual property, watch this space.

In order to make a difference, The Cyber Shafarat relies on the support of generous individuals and businesses like yours. As a result, we would be most grateful if you would consider supporting our cause.

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Keep reading to learn how you can have a say in what we collect. Several readers send us requests already. Most importantly, we need more input for the silent majority.

Your support is critical to the completion of our 2022 projects. We will gladly keep you updated regarding our progress should you wish to stay abreast of these efforts.

Treadstone 71 Projects for 2022 include:

  • Updates to our cloud-based, cyber intelligence wiki – CyberIntellipedia
  • Addition of several new online courses –
  • Addition of several new in-person courses –
  • Consideration for a pay-only site (in addition to the existing)
  • Enhancements to existing courses
  • The rollout of a Crowdfunding Option
    • Tiered options that
      • Give donors access to online courses,
      • In-person courses,
      • CyberIntellipedia,
      • Enhancements to our online training platform,
      • Improved Cyber Shafarat Premium content
  • If your survey selections come to fruition, we will offer a discount beyond published rates

Surveys to Support our Cause

First of all, we are also very interested to learn about your intelligence training needs. We created a survey just for this purpose. The survey contains a series of options with the ability to add your specific interests. The training survey may be found here.

Secondly, we have another survey to help drive the data collection of this blog.  The content survey may be found here.

We expect great things in 2022 for Treadstone 71 as we update our tools and enhance our current offerings. Further to, we intend to expand our training options and generate new content for readers like you.

Please contact me via the form below if you are able to support the cyber intelligence lifecycle efforts that help make a difference to our readers.

Thank you for your kind consideration. We hope to hear from you soon.


Jeffrey S Bardin
Chief Intelligence Officer

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