Panic in Belarus Over CCs

Will Visa and MasterCard be disabled in Belarus too? "Belarusbank" sent a letter to client organizations with an urgent request to issue cards of the national system BELKART in order to ensure uninterrupted transactions. GISTED: Attention customers!!! Information on the BELKART card In order to ensure the possibility of uninterrupted transactions by the clients of JSC "JSSB Belarusbank" (cash withdrawals, non-cash payments, etc.) on accounts accessed by using a bank payment card, your employees need…

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Russia Sending Fake Surrender Notices

FAKE Defense Ministry warns: Russia will send a message about the surrender of cities: ChernihivKharkivMykolaivKhersonMariupol Odessa But they forgot: fakes only work against them. FAKE FAKE

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Let’s Send Putin to Jupiter

We are launching a project - Send Putin to Jupiter. 100 million good citizens of the Earth can send a single evil to Jupiter. Why Jupiter? It is a gas giant and the largest planet in the solar system. The action will help to attract everyone in the world and unite against the bloody dictator.The funds will go to the army and the restoration of the destroyed infrastructure of Ukraine.

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Ministry of Defense of Ukraine @Russian losses. March 1

Since the beginning of the large-scale offensive, Ukrainian troops have killed at least 5.7 thousand enemy personnel. According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, as of 06:00 on 01.03.22 since the beginning of Russia's open large-scale invasion of Ukraine, enemy troops have suffered the following losses: Tanks - 198Cannon - 74MLRS - 24SAM BEECH - 1BBM - 846Planes - 29Helicopters - 29Automotive equipment - 305Tank trucks - 60UAV OTR -…

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#Ukrainian #cyber-troops working- #Russian sites are resting #cyberpatriots

IT Army of Ukraine For all IT specialists from other countries, we translated tasks in English. At the moment, people in Russia are withdrawing money from ATMs en masse. We can inflict enormous damage by hitting the DNS savings bank! Our goal is www.sberbank.ru 53 UDP194.54.14.187: 53 UDP194.67.7.1: 53 UDP194.67.2.109: 53 UDP ———————At the moment, people in russia are withdrawing money from ATMs en masse. We can inflict enormous damage by hitting the DNS…

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