خائنان Iranians Turning in Iranians موسسه محاسبات هوشمند رانا – All to preserve the ‘values’ of the Revolution

Trust is not an option- Lies and deceit in Iran

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Cyber War and Iranian Cyber Army -In the name of Ashrar- An article by Ashrar team

TREADSTONE 71 The following is taken directly from the Ashrar Team Ashrar Official Channel @ASHRARoffical: *Author: eblis shar Thanks to the cooperation of Jen|mr.PHoeniX|@HungryBrain|@Deruw This article presents a number of arguments and analyzes the Iranian Cyber Army. The activity types, purposes, and subcategories of cyber army groups will be discussed. The missions of these organizations will be explained. Finally, we shall touch upon cyber wars. This article is written based on extensive documents of organizations,…

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