Prigozhin whines about ammunition restriction – cut off ДайСнарядыВагнерам

Prigozhin turns his troll machine towards the Kremlin In his words: BUT THE PROBLEM IS NOT SOLVED.Prigozhin says: Prigozhin dot the i's about shell hunger in the Wagner PMC..." Is there really no conscience to stop fucking around like a fly on glass? "" There is ammunition in the country, statements have already been made about this more than once. The industry has reached the required volumes. It gives what the country needs. Moreover, it…

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Novosibirsk “United Russia” sent sledgehammers to the front

In the United Russia report, it is called "an essential item in the field."“This time, food, warm clothes, and sledgehammers were handed over directly to the Novosibirsk battalion. They also delivered the collapsible potbelly stoves, which are now especially valuable,” says Zhanna Yakovleva, executive secretary of the local branch of the party. Recall that the sledgehammer was used for the extrajudicial execution of Wagner PMC mercenaries. PMC militant Yevgeny Nuzhin was killed with a blow…

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