группа Вагнера

Wagner PMC Base Destroyed

“HIMARS do not forgive mistakes and severely punish carelessness,” - Belarusian GULAG Show this to those that wish to join Wagner PMC As a result of pinpoint strikes from HIMARS multiple rocket launchers in the occupied Lugansk region, a large base of the Wagner PMC was successfully "demilitarized". The death toll is in the dozens, many wounded with severed limbs. There is also unconfirmed information that during the strikes, the so-called "Putin's killer chef" Prigozhin…

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Militarily Volunteered (Make them an offer they cannot refuse)

"SDD" sent three battalions of militants to the Donetsk direction. Russian troops are constantly demanding reserves. For this reason, mobilization does not stop in the LPR, and in the Russian Federation itself, mobilization is secretly on a voluntary-compulsory basis. In the regular army of the Russian Federation, servicemen are called to the headquarters and make offers that cannot be refused without further consequences in the service, and in the military registration and enlistment offices, reservists…

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PMC Wagner mined a room with Ukrainian prisoners of war

PMC Wagner mined a room with Ukrainian prisoners of war in the Yelenovka colony to hide inadequate conditions of detention and violent interrogations, - Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine. According to the agency, a flammable substance was used when mining the premises with prisoners, which led to the rapid spread of the fire. The GUR also stated that the Russian side was not going to exchange the prisoners who were in Yelenovka. They were regularly…

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Wagner Front for Recruitment

The next detachment will be sent on August 8 at 14.00 from Moscow by bus through the Rostov region. The official telegram channel of the "Volunteer Company of the Combat Brotherhood"Would you like to be part of our team, have a question or suggestion?VKontakte page: https://vk.com/volrota Volunteers will be involved in the work of points for issuing humanitarian aid, searching for missing persons, restoring infrastructure and other tasks involving the return of the liberated territories…

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State Sponsor of Terrorism

The Cynic The case of the "clerical knife" and the blow to the prisoners of war. 1) The video of the castration of a Ukrainian prisoner with a clerical knife is a war crime. The man has been identified, his future fate, I hope, is predetermined. This is not the first time that Ukrainian prisoners of war have been tortured in captivity. There are sufficient reasons to believe that all the information from TASS, RIA,…

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Ochur-Suge Mongush

https://cybershafarat.com/2022/07/26/2022-cyber-intelligence-courses-online-and-in-person/ The commander of this scumbag According to the publication, one of the commanders of the Chechen special unit "Akhmat" with the call sign "Raf". In the video about the unit, he is listed as a deputy commander (00:39).Searching by photo found (1, 2) Mykola Chilingaryan / Totov (VK, artek-80@mail.ru). Similar photos were found (1, 2, 3, 4) in deleted photos of Galina Teplova (VK). Mykola Lavrentiyovych Chilingaryan (December 4, 1984) Згідно Biography:He was born…

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Vagner Group Medals – XXX Warning – группа Вагнера

WARNING XXX The time has come when being a fighter of the Wagner group is not ashamed and not scary! Now it is an honor to be a pedo of the Wagner group! I am very happy that sometime back in 2014, when no one yet believed that such a thing would be possible on the territory of Russia, I joined this legendary group and raped my way across Europe and Syria! Of course, to…

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