Organizations Cutting Ties or Modifying Relationships with Russia

Do you see any US or Israeli Cybersecurity or Threat Intel. Companies in the list? Apple Pay - full blockApple - complete exit from the marketAdidas - refusal to work with the national football teamAudi - out of the marketAMD - ban on the supply of microchips and soon a ban on the supply of video cardsAmazon - a complete block of all retailAdobe - full blockBritish Petrolium - 20% of shares left RosneftBBC…

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Iranian Universal Ahrar Organization claims to have Hacked Russian SCADA Systems

If Putin's adventures are not stopped today, it will be too late tomorrow, the crimes of Putin and the Kremlin will not go unanswered. This declaration of 'war' is the universal organization of Ahrar against 'war'.The first wave of the organization's infrastructure attacks on layers 1 and 2 of the OT infrastructure is underway, and access has been taken from Moscow's infrastructure.If war, crime and occupation continue; The organization has acted with all its might,…

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FSB Site Up and Down

The Kremlin's website lies and does not rise.The FSB website woke up. We offer to cut it down: Kremlin website is down but FSB up. Let me sleep again. The FSB website apparently has simply been turned off. They were unable to overcome your attacks. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who fights on the cyber front.—FSB website is turned off. They couldn't resist. We are so grateful to every cyber warrior. Volunteers are…

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