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Recharge and Restart the Nuke Program – #Iran

Iran began production of enriched uranium above a certain amount in the future. Iran's Atomic Energy Organization announced that it has begun production of heavy water without restrictions. Also, the…

The latest from #Parastoo on the RANA Institute hack of Sharif University

#DiscoverDetails of Technical Documents from the Ministry of Intelligence against Students, Professors and Personnel of Sharif University of TechnologyThe eavesdropping of the official emails of Sharif University of Technology by…

Soliciting for Intel against the MOIS and IRGC. Iranians asked to contribute – #Parastoo @ADjabehsiah. With a counter comment direct from the #IRGC

give us information about the IRGC. Release prisoners and we will negotiate. parastoo

Day 2 and 3 #VAJA #MOIS data release from Parastoo as of 16:00 May 5 ETD

Day one information Day 3 #Disclosure Staff and students at Tarbist Modarres University were victims of the Ministry of Intelligence! Databases at Tarbiat Modarres University have been hacked and infiltrated…