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Iranian @Twitter ‘Manipulation’ Storm Scheduled for Oct 13-14

Twitter storm on the occasion of the anniversary of the beginning of the Imamate of Hazrat Sahib al-Zaman (Eid of Pledge of Allegiance) Babi Ant and Ami Yamehdi... Time: Wednesday, October 13, 1401From 20:00And Thursday, October 14, 1401All day From now on, prepare your tweets with the following hashtags: #Eid _ Bayat #Allahham_Ajl_Lolik_Alfaraj #عید_بیعت #اللهم_عجل_لوليک_الفرج For this storm, textual and visual content will be placed on the generation channel

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Today’s Iranian Regime @Twitter Manipulation

Dear peers and Mujahideen in Safat's rapid response cyber campaign team -- FROM: مصطفى فتح الهی #عملیات_فوری_صافات Considering the beginning of a new sedition by the enemies of this border and region, which started with the aim of creating insecurity and civil war, and they have come to the field with all their might this time to implement the strategy of Syrianization in Iran by creating psychological operations on a large scale and our country.…

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#Iranian Regime to Launch anti-JCPOA Social Media Campaign #Twitter #JCPOA

@Whitehouse @Potus Operation time: Friday 26/10 at 21:00 to 24:00 زمان عملیات: جمعه ۱۰/۲۶ ساعت ۲۱ الی #the operation The anniversary of the official implementation of JCPOA in the morning of January 27, 2014 December 27, 2014, when we were all sleeping, our government men were implementing the comprehensive plan of joint action, and this was officially the beginning of the JCPOA agreement, of course, a one-sided beginning from Iran! The next day, pro-government…

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The Times of Valinor Russian Disinformation Site Promotes ‘My Son Hunter’ with translation to Russian

Promoter of Russian disinformation, lies, malinformation, misinformation, propaganda, conspiracy theories, and all-round purveyor of cognitive warfare against the US and Europe - The Times of Valinor (Of course it is translated to Russian) In their words So, the promised premiere The film “My Son Hunter”, which has already made a splash across the ocean, about the son of the current US President Joe Biden, has been translated and adapted by the Herald of Valinor project…

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Russian Disinformation and Fake News

#CCD_warns: propaganda accuses the Armed Forces of Ukraine of provocations regarding crossing the border with russia After a successful counteroffensive in the Kharkiv direction, in some places Ukrainian military went to the border with russia, but the channels of propagandists and collaborators claim that the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not going to stop and cross the border of the rf in the Belgorod region to attack the civilian population. Also, every day there are…

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The general cognitive warfare policies of the Iranian Regime: 7th five-year plan are as follows:

Economy 1- The general goal and main priority of the 7th plan, in accordance with the approved general policies, is economic progress combined with justice with an average economic growth rate of 8% during the program, with an emphasis on increasing the productivity of all production factors (human resources, capital, technology and management). 2- Establishing stability at the general level of prices and exchange rates and making inflation a single digit within five years and…

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