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Subscriptions Two Hundred for Two Years – A subscription to the Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training Courses at gives you access to basic through advanced courses, enough to build a well-skilled cyber intelligence program.

The normal price for one person and all Treadstone 71 courses is about $30,000.00.

The courses are self-paced, video-based, with professor’s office hours, assessed assignments and periodic quizzes. Access courses on any internet-enabled device via PC, MAC, iOS, or Android tablets.

ADD One Seat to CyberIntellipedia for 50% off the normal price when you purchase the subscription. Learn how to build a cyber intelligence program with all the artifacts needed to rapidly execute!

All you need is a set of headphones and a browser, and you are on your way. You may stop and start lectures as you wish from anywhere at any time.
We are only selling twenty (20) subscriptions.

The Two Year Two Hundred subscription maximizes the potential of your existing staff, guides new employees from junior level through senior. These classes include traditional cyber intelligence and counterintelligence tradecraft along with innovative Strategic Intelligence and Cognitive Warfare trainings. We create the glue that ties the physical intelligence world with the virtual.

What you get:
Instant and unlimited access to the Treadstone 71 course catalog (existing and anything created during the two -year period.

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Each course includes:
Multiple video lessons (number of lessons varies by course).
Supplemental videos and materials, templates, and real-world assignments.
Artifacts, documents, readings, and related documents.
A Treadstone 71 Reference Guide
Some courses require books delivered by Amazon Kindle to each student.

Learning assessments (quizzes) used to evaluate knowledge (we assess course content skill by way of practical exercises as opposed to memorized question and answer tests).

Certificates of completion with every completed course, Certifications for Courses named as such with CPE credits.
The courses include:
Use Treadstone 71 as your primary portal for cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, and cognitive warfare trainings.

Who should take the Treadstone 71 trainings?
$99K plus books is a huge savings to organizations that need training for multiple employees in various collection, analysis, and intelligence tradecraft roles.

Positions with titles such as: VP Cybersecurity, CISO, Chief Risk, Information Security Managers, SOC Analysts, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts, Operations Analysts, SOC Manager, Chief Security Officer, Head of Cyber Defense, Chief Security Executive, Information Security Analyst, Cyber Security Analyst, Insider Threat Analyst, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Director Cyber Threat Intelligence, Threat Intelligence Cyber Operations, Cyber Forensics, All Source Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Defense Analyst, Cyber Exploitation Analyst, Cyber Threat/Warning Analyst, Target Network Analyst, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Analyst, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, Strategic Intelligence Planner, Crime Intelligence Analyst, Open Source Intelligence, Strategy Analyst Intelligence and Foresight, Missions Systems Analyst, Cognitive Warfare Operations, Product Support Hybrid, and Risk Analyst non-inclusively. ________________________________________
$99,000 for two years and up to two hundred students may taken any or all Treadstone 71 Intelligence Tradecraft courses.
This includes existing, under development, and courses not yet developed.

If you signup before the end of 2022, you receive 10% off any payment schedule option.
Payment schedule options:
$99,000 up front
$50,000 bi-annually
$26,000 quarterly
$5,000 monthly
Required books are extra.
Your subscription activates the day of first purchase. Each course comes with its own z-fold reference guide.

Treadstone 71 Reference Guides
We also have available a choice for organizational management within our portal for student course status reporting, adding, and removing students, tracking quiz grades, and progress reporting.

Treadstone 71 offers customization for courses including adding internal artifacts, policies, procedures, videos, and rules of engagement as examples of tailoring courses to your needs.
This takes a bit longer to setup and requires a small setup fee.

Upon enrollment, each student receives login instructions and the best way to use the portal.
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