Month: August 2023

Paranoia big Destroyer – China

China wants to mobilize the entire nation for counterintelligence - Reuters, citing the Ministry of State Security of China. Chinese citizens encouraged to spy on anyone, including their neighbors. The revised law gives the Ministry of State Security and its local counterparts unprecedented enforcement powers to enter, question, inspect individuals' electronic devices and business facilities. China should encourage its citizens to participate in counterintelligence work, including creating channels through which individuals can report suspicious activity…

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#PLA Naval Aviation Reorganization

CASI Report: PLA Naval Aviation Reorganization From 2023, units / formations of the PLA Navy aviation are being transferred to the Air Force (Air Force). At least 11 formations fell under the control of the Air Force: three fighter brigades;two bomber regiments;three radio engineering teams;three air defense brigades;airfields. A potentially more significant implication is that the transfer of PLAN JH-7 and H-6 aircraft strips the PLAN of most of its minelaying aircraft. Unless the PLAAF…

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